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Produktbeschreibung Product introduction  DSZ2 products:  DSZ2 can be used for the state\'s three or four level observation, to meet the requirements of various cons

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Product introduction 
 DSZ2 products: 
 DSZ2 can be used for the state's three or four level observation, to meet the requirements of various construction projects and leveling. This product has automatic compensation function, can greatly improve work efficiency and avoid mistakes. DSZ2+FS1 can be used in the state of one or two such as leveling and settlement deformation and other precision measurement. 
performance characteristics 
 DSZ2 product features: 
 Compensator check button 
 Sealing dust, easy to operate 
 Compact structure, beautiful appearance 
 Add trim micrometer, can be used for the two national level measurement and settlement observation precision 
 Excellent temperature compensation performance 
 We all know that the compensator is made up of metal materials and glass materials, and these materials are affected by temperature, will cause the change of trace amounts of compensator, which leads to the change of I angle. Without the temperature compensation instrument, often can not meet the national standard 10156-4997 GB/T requirements. As shown in the figure within the boundaries of the red green area changes of temperature variation compensator qualified region (enterprise standard: + 0.5 "/ degrees Celsius). The red rough curve in the A is not the temperature compensation of the level of I angle change curve. I angle with temperature variation is modified, such as green thick line B to the compensation after I angle change curve, so as to make the instrument changes in temperature more harsh conditions can meet the use requirements, on long time observation of deformation is especially suitable for using a temperature compensation device was DSZ2 has added a temperature compensation device. 
Technical parameters 
 DSZ2 product parameters: 
 Measurement standard deviation per kilometer 
 DSZ2: + 1.5mm (ordinary ruler) + 1.0mm (indium steel ruler) 
 DSZ2+FS1: + 0.5mm (indium steel rod) 
 Magnification 32 * 
 The shortest distance 1.6m 
 The compensation range of 14 ' 
 Anping compensation precision of less than 0.3 " 
 Instrument weight 2.5kg 

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